Customer Credit Management
  • We look after your clients
    We enhance their customer experience

    We look after your Customer Base during every stage of the relationship with your clients. We help you with procuring contracts and managing your billing, averting and managing complaints, as well as providing customer support. We also manage incoming payments and anomalies related to SDD payments, and we achieve targeted solicitation through a customer-oriented approach. We look after your business and enhance your clients’ experience.

  • More checks mean less fraud
    We avoid unpleasant surprises

    Knowing your clients right from the beginning helps you to avoid any risks of fraud. Our prevention services include a Welcome & Quality Call and an IBAN check, making it possible to assess the reliability of the data provided by the client already in the process of buying, and to pinpoint any possible risk of insolvency. This is why we help you to choose the most secure tool to reduce payment collection times.

  • We prevent insolvency
    Prevention is better than cure

    Thanks to our expertise and our high-tech tools, we are able to choose the most suitable preventive measures to help your clients avoid the risk of insolvency. Together we analyse the processes and determine which will be the most effective actions to reduce payment collection times and to generate the cash flow needed to safeguard your business.

  • Our services for the energy companies
    We give value to the Energy

    Our group 20-years experience in a varied markets as the energetic one sector is, allow us to evaluate the most suitable tools in order to offer a complete and integrated support to our business partners covering every phase of the client life cycle. The key to the success is in fact the “End to End” management of the client. From the sales assistance to the after-sales administrative management, from the credit customer care to the reminding processes and the following evaluation  of the supply suspension-reactivation-termination, until management of the cmor process (payment in arrears, delinquency).  We monitor the kpi of the end 2 end process in each single phase, in order to maximise the “one contact solution” and the client Customer Experience.


Printing Center
  • We check all addresses
    Everything reaches its final destination

    We are able to verify the validity of your clients’ addresses, as we use the Italian Postal Service’s standards to update and correct them. This provides greater assurance that invoices and documents you have sent have been delivered. Our service includes standardising addresses whether for individual or mass mailings, carried out by our team of specialists using advanced multichannel communication tools.

  • We print and send your documents
    We take care of all of your correspondence

    Using the finest technology, we print and send any type of correspondence you need. We can manage all of your letters and send them directly to your clients. This includes personalising messages according to your needs and always ensuring quick and efficient service. What may just be a small detail to others, makes a big difference to us.

  • We manage any undelivered mail
    Everything is easier once the documents arrive

    We help you deliver all the documents you send in order to prevent and avoid any risk of insolvency, and to protect the customer experience of your end clients. What if a letter or an invoice comes back? We then carry out an advanced multichannel contact procedure to search for and verify the address. Our highly developed CRM system is specially designed to manage the process in an efficient way.

  • We personalise your documents
    Our layout composition

    Thanks to our extremely high-tech systems, we can customise all types of documents and letters using processes that work with variable data. In fact, we are able to design the layout of documents in any format, using the information provided by our clients.


  • We analyse the problem
    A complete overview of our processes

    Thanks to the expertise gained over many years in Customer Credit Management, together with the services we provide, we can offer an integrated Assessment and Consultancy service that aims to optimise your processes and to re-engineer them. We identify quick solutions to possible critical issues that may occur at any point during the entire credit cycle, and we take on the challenges you face as if they were our very own, as a way to identify the best solutions for your business.

  • We define the processes
    Choices are guided by our goals

    Analysing credit processes and verifying system efficiencies make it possible to determine which quick actions are needed to achieve your objectives. Our decadal expertise allows us to effectively define how to re-engineer your processes and procedures; to determine the requirements and functional designs of your company’s managerial systems; to identify the most suitable tools; and to assess potential organisational changes. It is thanks to the contextualisation of your company’s managerial requirements that we are able to develop a well-structured and winning Action Plan that will guide us towards our objective: your business.

  • We innovate so that we can grow
    Always on the move

    Innovation is the first step towards reaching ambitious targets, and good technological support makes it easier to get there. Our Research & Development team are constantly monitoring changes in new technologies. It uses them to create solutions adapted to your requirements to propose new business models. Our ability to quickly develop products that can innovate and make your processes more efficient is the added value that Elliot provides. We are made up of a team of successful employees and technologies, who work to develop solutions to improve the time to market of your product. Monitoring, automation, and multichannel communication are just a few of the services that our team of analysts and developers use to redesign your business model.

  • We support you every step of the way
    Always by your side

    Risk is a structural part of business, and whoever is able transform it into an opportunity for organisational improvement gains a competitive advantage. Our commitment to making change easier and our ability to work at your side allow us to identify and manage the operational and business risks throughout all stages of the process. We help minimise the financial risks that can arise from fraud, irregularities, business and financial disputes, and non-fulfilment of contracts. We assess which state-of-the-art technologies are the best and we provide support when you are developing and starting up your business activities.